… Taxes and Feral Cats

We are a family of softies (at least when it comes to critters). If you are a bug that has found your way into our house chances are you will be escorted out of the house rather than being stomped on.

Unless you’re brown recluse spider in which case I will pull out the 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun and blast your little spider guts into arachnid hell … oops, sorry, got a little carried away there … where was I? Oh yeah, we are a kind-hearted family.


So when the first feral cat showed up at our back porch a couple of years ago during winter, meowing and acting all pathetic what do you suppose we did … you’re correct, we fed the poor little creature.


Fast forward a couple of years and we now have several generations of feral cats roaming our property. It’s not that we are animal haters (hopefully I have already established what a kind-hearted family we are) but this has got to stop!

Enter taxes

There are a lot of people who love cats; there are a few people who like feral cats, but I don’t know anyone who likes taxes.

I play by the rules; by April 15th I have filled out all the forms, checked all the boxes and signed all the checks that I am required to. I try to avoid actually looking at line 61, because I don’t really want to know how much of my income I’m passing over to the government to do Lord know what with. (Did I just end that with a preposition?)

But all that may be about to change; I discovered today that my tax dollars are supporting a program at our county animal control center that may be the answer to our feral cat issue and let use retain our kind-hearted merit badge.

They lent me a cat trap and food (at no charge to me … except for the taxes I pay). I trap the cats and bring them in (at no charge to me … except for the taxes I pay). Their vets evaluate the cats determining, which are suitable for adoption and which will be spayed or neutered (at no charge to me … except for the taxes I pay). The cats that are spayed or neutered will be returned to the wild in an effort to control the feral cat population (at no charge to me … except for the taxes I pay).

Is this a great country or what? … meow

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